Asheville, NC

The Kozloff/Hartman belated birthday trip - October, 2015
D8C 8124b  United we sit Panorama 1a  High Falls - Dupont State Park D8C 8151g  At High Falls D8C 8145f  High Falls D8C 8138d  At High Falls D8C 8142e  High Falls
D8C 8166i  High Falls D8C 8152a  Lou, Rene, Carol, Barry at High Falls D8C 8161h  High Falls D8C 8169l  Rene and Lou D8C 8136c  High Falls D8C 8167j  High Falls
D8C 8168k  Lower High Falls Base of falls, B/W LouPhoto (3)  Photo guy D8C 8206g  Triple Falls, Dupont State Park D8C 8191c  Triple Falls Panorama 2b  Triple Falls
D8C 8203d  Fall foliage D8C 8182aa  Base of Triple Falls D8C 8205f  Base of Triple Falls D8C 8190bb  Base of Triple Falls D8C 8181  Reflections D8C 8172m  More reflections
DSCN1475n  The King and Queen of Ziplines DSCN1476ao  Ready for rafting DSCN1497d  Suited up DSCN1508p  French Broad River ZIP8730a  Greetings from the river ZIP8804a  Pre-Barry's swim
ZIP8802b  On the river ZIP8740  On the river DSCN1513a  Riverside DSCN1519c  House along river DSCN1514a  Fall foliage along river DSCN1515a  Fall foliage
DSCN1523d  "Hippo rocks" DSCN1530e  Barry and his saviour Brandon D8C 8215i  Flea market, Asheville IMG 1939g  Old soda fountain IMG 1933f  Old soda fountain IMG 1940h  Tattooed lady
IMG 1942i  The Pubcycle D8C 8212h  Asheville restaurant LouPhoto (2)  Photoguy again IMG 1947j  Downtown Asheville D8C 8296j  The Biltmore Mansion D8C 8244o  View from Biltmore
D8C 8258c  View from Biltmore D8C 8253qa  Biltmore backyard D8C 8252p  Barry and Carol on balcony D8C 8238l  Carol and Rene D8C 8239m  Barry and Carol D8C 8242n  Lou and Rene
Panorama 5ca  Biltmore backyard D8C 8318l  The Biltmore D8C 8319m  Staircase from outside D8C 8278f  Staircase from inside D8C 8314k  Biltmore D8C 8220j  Sitting room
D8C 8271e  Biltmore D8C 8264d  Biltmore D8C 8256b  Relaxing on the loggia D8C 8290i  The main dining room D8C 8286g  Biltmore pool D8C 8287h  Pool
Panorama 4b  The Biltmore