Churchill, Canada

Polar bear excursion - November, 2015
Winnipeg from air Museum of Human Rights - Winnipeg Winnipeg skyline Winnipeg sunrise Mike and Gandhi Winnipeg footbridge
Winnipeg Cathedral of St. Boniface Gravestone in Cathedral of St. Boniface Gravestone Gravestone Winnipeg skyline
Churchill sign Aaron, our guide Lazy Bear Lodge - Churchill, Canada Main street - Churchill Main steet - Churchill Northern lights and Big Dipper - Churchill
Northern lights and Big Dipper - Churchill Time lapse video of Aurora Borealis Outside the lodge The "tundra crawler" Inside the crawler Mama and cub
Mama and cub Mama in woods Mama bear Polar bear in snow Polar bear in snow Polar bear in snow
Polar bear in snow Polar bear in snow D8C 8629 Bear in snow Polar bear Mama and cub
Mama and two cubs Bear at beach Bear at beach Mama bear and cubs The Ithaca, Hudson Bay Hudson Bay ice
Walking bear Male bear Male bear Mama bear and cub Bear tracks Ptarmigan
Ptarmigan Ptarmigan Ptarmigan Hudson Bay beach Beach Ithaca from beach
Panorama of Hudson Bay beach Hudson Bay panorama Panorama 3 Panorama 4 Gerald the musher Blue Sky dog yard
Sled dog Sled dog Gerald and Team 1 Scarlett the Harlot Scarlett Whiskey
Whiskey Gerald Lou at Blue Sky Paul, Edie in the tent Via Via
Mike and sled dog Lou and dog Paul and his team Paul and Edie Mike feeding bird Water break
Chinook jumping Lead dog scolding Dogs running Cooling off Dogsled parking sign Just in case
Mike, Paul, Lou The whole group Team #1 Edie and Paul On the trail Lou and Mike
Edie and Paul Lead dogs Lou and Mike mushing Mike, Martin, Lou Gerald and his dogs Gerald and two lead dogs
Inside the tent Martin the musher Wolf snow carvings Mike, Lou, Paul at the Lazy Bear Lazy Bear dining room Edie at Cape Merry
Cannon at Cape Merry Beach chairs Beach chairs Hudson Bay beach Polar bear in lair with two cubs Arctic foxes
Caribou Whale vertebra "Man and woman flying to the moon" "Qyac" of sealskin Wolf Tundra Inn restaurant
Main street at night Abandoned kid's bike Lazy Bear Lodge hallway to room Road into Churchill Paul Welcome to Churchill
Bear trap Bear trap Edie in bear trap Papa bear Papa bear Bear
Walking bear Bear Bear in brush Sleeping bear Closeup of bear Sleeping bear
Sleeping bear Closeup of sleeping bear Resting bear Bear Closeup of bear Taking a nap
Bear footprint Sleeping bear Sleeping bear Yawning bear D8C 9104 Yawning bear
Yawning bear D8C 9099lk Closeup of yawn Curious bear Bear at crawler Bear checking us out
Polar bear Bear walking Bear walking Walking on ice Walking toward us Walking toward us
Two young males Sparring males After the fight Hello again Two young males Two males
Two males D8C 9076a (Copy) D8C 9077b (Copy) D8C 9080d (Copy) D8C 9080da (Copy)