LK's Favorites, Volume IV
D8C 4791  Capitol at dusk d8c 4697b  Tiger, tiger d8c 4714d  King of the zoo d8c 4753eb  Panda and lunch d8c 5013d8c 5013  View of Panama Canal d8c 5093a  Gamboa rainforest, Panama
d8c 5138d8c 5138  Capuchin monkey, Panama d8c 5161d8c 5161  Lizard, rainforest, Panama d8c 5441d8c 5441  Yummy Embera lunch D8C 5671a  Bambi in our backyard deer02  The whole herd D8C 5716  Great Falls in winter
D8C 5724  Great Falls, MD D8C 5746  Great Falls D8C 5748  Great Falls dsc 3982a  Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, WY DSC 4009  Yellowstone Falls, WY dsc 4045a  Sunset on Echo Lake, WY
jhmountaina  JH ski mountain in autumn DSC 4127  Laramie Bowl in autumn, Jackson Hole, WY DSC 4133  Aspens from tram, Jackson Hole DSC 4217  Living room view, Jackson Hole DSC 4335B  Jenny Lake, WY dsc 4356a  The Tetons
JHSept2012 (1)  Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone jhsept2012 (2)  Tetons in autumn JHSept2012 (4)  Echo Lake, WY JHSept2012 (5)  Bison grazing in Yellowstone National Park, WY JHSept2012 (6)  Hot springs, Yellowstone National Park JHSept2012 (7)  Great chromatic basin, Yellowstone
JHSept2012 (8)  Great chromatic basin JHSept2012 (9)  Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone JHSept2012 (10)  Sunset on the Tetons jhsept2012 (10)a3  Sunset on the Tetons - HDR version JHSept2012 (11)  Aspen from Teewinot lift, Jackson Hole JHSept2012 (12)  Aspen grove, Jackson Hole
JHSept2012 (13)  Aspen grove, Jackson Hole JHSept2012 (14)  Jenny Lake, WY JHSept2012 (15)  Teton range in autumn JHSept2012 (16)  Yellowstone Falls JHSept2012 (17)  Panorama of Teton range NYC (5)  Lower East Side, Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights
Red Rocks  Red rocks outside Las Vegas, NV Jackson-Jan2010 050  Snowy pines - Jackson Hole, January 2010 : Jackson-Jan2010 Jackson-Jan2010 178  Teton view overlook : Jackson-Jan2010 Jackson-Jan2010 186  Tetons and trees : Jackson-Jan2010 JHMar2013 (1)  Moose Head ranch JHMar2013 (11)  The Grand and trees
JHMar2013 (13)  Spring fishing JHMar2013 (15)  Creek near Jackson Lake JHMar2013 (16)  Near Jackson Lake dam JHMar2013 (17)  Spring awakening JHMar2013 (18)  Grand Teton view JHMar2013 (19)  Grand Teton
JHMar2013 (22)  Creek near Jackson Lake JHMar2013 (23)  Creek and Teton range JHMar2013 (24)  Tetons JHMar2013 (25)  Grand Teton JHMar2013 (26)  Spring foliage JHMar2013 (26)bw  Spring foliage - black and white
JHMar2013 (27)  Rendezvous Peak and Teton Village JHMar2013 (28)  Rendezvous Peak JHMar2013 (29)  Moose relaxing JHMar2013 (30)  The Grand in clouds JHMar2013 (31)  Teton range JHMar2013 (32)  Teton Village
JHMar2013 (33)  Teton Village base from Teewinot JHMar2013 (34)  Teton range Jackson-Jan2010 104b  Shooting Star Ranch from condo living room : Jackson-Jan2010 Jackson-Jan2010 137b  Cottonwoods - Moose, WY : Jackson-Jan2010 d8c 6255a  Near Jenny Lake JHMar2013 (21)b  Aspens in winter
d8c 6414a  Blue heron, Great Falls d8c 6424  Blue heron with bad hair day d8c 6756a  Sea horse - Atlanta Aquarium D8C 6778  Tree snake - Atlanta Aquarium D8C 6784  Lionfish D8C 6789  Jellyfish - Atlanta Aquarium
D8C 6796  Jellyfish D8C 6798  Jellyfish jellyfish  Jellyfish movie D8C 7254a  Daly City - "Little Boxes" D8C 7359a  Under the Golden Gate bridge D8C 7417d  At the Drake bar
TedViewa  View from Ted's D8C 7494ga  Bridge from Ted's house D8C 7526e  Tugboat at Oakland Bay Bridge D8C 7536a  Near Bakersfield D8C 7547j  Bridalveil Falls D8C 7553l  Bridalveil Falls
YosFallsb  Upper and lower Yosemite falls D8C 7633d  El Capitan climbers - closeup D8C 7633c  Climbers, farther back D8C 7633bj  Climbers D8C 7633ai  El Capitan climbers D8C 7639a  El Capitan
D8C 7729a  Yosemite valley from Inspiration Point D8C 7827cpa  Half Dome from near Tuolomne D8C 7819a  Tenaya Lake D8C 7890k  Monterrey seaside D8C 7905ob  Deer in Monterrey D8C 7915qc  Monterrey deer
D8C 7937g  Lazy sea lion, 17 mile drive D8C 7950m  17 mile drive D8C 7963o  Monterrey coast D8C 7997h  Suspicious sea lion D8C 8014b  Sea lions basking sfo1978  SFO bench, 1978
sfo1988a  Same bench, 1988 sfo2013b  Same bench 2013 Supermoon  Supermoon in June, 2013