Volume 5

LK's favorites, Volume V
Alaskab (11)  Glacier Bay, June 2013 D8C 7662a  Bridal falls, Yosemite D8C 7664b  Bridalveil falls from Inspiration Point D8C 7729  Yosemite from Inspiration Point D8C 7787k  Mariposa grove, Yosemite D8C 8265  Carousel, Brooklyn
NYCb (1)  Manhattan bridge D8C 8278  Brooklyn bridge NYCb (6)  Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn D8C 8319  Manhattan dusk D8C 8325  Manhattan D8C 9366c  Goldfinch
D8C 9367d  Goldfinches DSC 0707b  Itsy bitsy spider DSC 0782c  Butterflies DSC 4349a  Jenny Lake, Wyoming greece (5)e  Mykonos sunset Supermoon  Supermoon
D8C 2891  Town center, Edam, Holland D8C 2689  Amsterdam canal D8C 2723  Amsterdam canal and houseboats D8C 2823  Amsterdam D8C 2845  Near Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam D8C 2976  Washington Zoo - November, 2013
D8C 2987  Zoo - November, 2013 D8C 3029  Zoo - November, 2013 D8C 3342  Blue-footed booby - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico D8C 3343  Blue-footed booby D8C 3226  Pelican and Iguanas in tree, Puerto Vallarta D8C 3233  Pelican and iguanas
D8C 3227  Iguana D8C 3299  Humpback, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico D8C 3300  Humpback whale D8C 3334  Humpback and dolphin, Banderas Bay, Mexico D8C 3324b  Blue-footed booby D8C 4246c (Custom)  Verona, Italy
D8C 4310j (Custom)  Verona sunset D8C 4334m (Custom)  Window in Venice D8C 4338n (Custom)  Venice canal D8C 3720fa (Custom)  Venice scene D8C 3828lhdr (Custom)  Santa Maria de la Salude, Venice D8C 4046na (Custom)  Santa Maria de la Salude
D8C 4219a (Custom)  Grand Canal, Venice D8C 4510 (Custom)  The Florence Duomo - sunset D8C 4583 (Custom)  Ponte Vecchio, Florence D8C 4591v (Custom)  Piazza de la Signoria, Florence D8C 4856 (Custom)  Pisa D8C 5315a (Custom)  Luxmanor deer
D8C 5326a (Custom)  Deer in backyard D8C 0269  Jenny Lake D8C 0271  Jenny Lake D8C 0302  Shadow Lake D8C 0342a  Snake River overlook D8C 0343  Snake River overlook
D8C 0366a  Tetons D8C 0383a (Copy)  Teewinot peak D8C 0385b (Copy)  Fall foliage D8C 0414a  Outside of Yellowstone D8C 0415a  Lake view D8C 0418b  Shadow Lake
D8C 421u  Shadow Lake D8C 0432c  Near Lewis Falls D8C 0470d  Lower Yellowstone Falls D8C 0477f  Falls and Yellowstone River D8C 0480g  Yellowstone River D8C 0483h  Yellowstone River
D8C 0484i  Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone D8C 0486j  Grand Canyon D8C 0489k  Falls and River D8C 0506m  Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone D8C 0509n  Grand Canyon D8C 0513o  Falls from Inspiration Point
D8C 0516a  Canyon D8C 0527b  Yellowstone River D8C 0563  Bison D8C 0569c  Geyser Basin D8C 0574d  Great Prismatic Basin D8C 0575e  Prismatic Basin
D8C 0576f  Prismatic Basin D8C 0584g  Geyser Basin D8C 0607h  Edge of basin D8C 0615j  Old Faithful D8C 0621k  Runoff from Prismatic Basin D8C 0625l  Prismatic Basin
D8C 0627m  Prismatic Basin D8C 0628n  Prismatic Basin D8C 0637o  Sinkhole D8C 0655p  View from air, sunrise D8C 0657a4r  Tetons in sunrise Iceland (2)  Snaelfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland
Iceland (3)  Snaefellsnes peninsula Iceland (4)  Snaefellsnes beach Iceland (5)  "Journey to the Center of the Earth" site - Snaefellsnes Iceland (6)  Beach, Snaefellsnes Iceland (7)  Glacier, Iceland Iceland (8)  Black beach, Snaefellsnes
Iceland (9)  Beach Iceland (10)  Snaefellsness peninsula Iceland (1)  Snaefellsnes panorama Iceland (11)  Waterfall Iceland (12)  South coast, Iceland Iceland (13)  South Coast, Iceland
Iceland (14)  Glacial Lagoon - Iceland Iceland (15)  Glacial Lagoon D8C 1740  Icebergs in lagoon Iceland (16)  Gullfoss, Iceland Iceland (17)  Gullfoss, Iceland Iceland (18)  Gullfoss waterfall
Iceland (19)  Waterfall Iceland (20)  Stokkur geysir about to erupt Eagles (1)  Bald eagle, Harford County, MD - 2014 Eagles (2)  Bald eagle Eagles (3)  Eagle fishing Eagles (4)  Eagle in tree
Eagles (5)  Eagle in tree D8C 2700f (Custom)  Iguana in bushes D8C 2730a (Custom)  Pelican and iguana D8C 2756i (Custom)  Two iguanas D8C 2886u (Custom)  Two humpbacks D8C 3037d  Papa iguana
DSCN1301a  Clowns for Puerto Vallarta parade