Favorites Volume 7

LK Favorites, Volume VII
Upper Baja Baja aerial view Sunrise, Las Animas Lodge Moon over Las Animas Baja coastline near Las Animas Dolphins
Snuggling sea lion Diving sea lion Osprey Desert blooming Whale calf Gray whale
Gray whale tail Gray whale calf Whale calf and mom Breeching gray whale Breeching whale Breeching whale
Whale and dolphin Alpacas Blue herons - Great Falls, VA Blue herons Blue herons Great Falls, VA
Bee on sunflower Sunflower and bees Hovering bee Back of sunflower D8G 6345l  Far Niente vineyard, Napa D8G 6386a2x  Napa vineyards
D8G 6390e2  Napa vineyards D8G 6414c  Napa vineyards D8G 6439g  Napa balloon D8G 6439gl  Napa balloon D8S 0195f2b  Lou self-portrait DSCN0059x  Chrysler Building, NYC
DSCN0087  Butterfly DSCN0092  Butterfly DSCN0093  Butterfly IMG 4848  Manhattan from NJ train DSCN0049  Manhattan building DSCN0070  Shell construction
DSCN0076  Highline "shell" building DSCN0065  Highline building ZooDec2017 (1)b  Wolf D8S 1550  Young lions D8S 1558  Yawning lion D8S 1449  Red panda
D8S 1490 D8S 2852 D8S 2770 D8S 3208 D8S 3281 D8S 3425
D8S 3472 D8S 3911 D8S 3999c D8S 3818x2 08 (2) 07 (22)
08 (11) D8S 0866d  Red wolf moon - January 2019 D8S 0867a  Eclipsing moon