October, 2014
title  Iceland, 2014 MarinaRooma  Home sweet home D8C 1109a  Reykjavik harbor D8C 1112b  View from the hotel D8C 1121c  Shipyard D8C 2064d  The entire Icelandic Navy
D8C 1149a  Whale watch boat D8C 1150  Off to see the whales D8C 1127  Getting ready for the whales D8C 1130  Wardrobe malfunction D8C 1147  Our only whale sighting D8C 1152  At the dock, Reykjavik
D8C 1163  One more whale sighting D8C 1164b  To the Snaefellsnes Peninsula D8C 1166c  What's for lunch? Krap! D8C 1168d  Followed by emmessis! D8C 1175e  Snaefellsnes peninsula D8C 1178f  On the road
D8C 1190g  On the beach, Snaefellsnes D8C 1192h  Cozy summer cottage D8C 1194i  Snaefellsnes beach D8C 1196j  Wolverine sighting D8C 1200k  On the beach D8C 1207l  Beach debris x2
D8C 1211m  Allan and Rene D8C 1214n  Beach D8C 1216o  Back to the bus D8C 1224p  Beach house D8C 1231q  Snaefellsnes peninsula D8C 1253r  Rene
D8C 1255s  Sheep ranch on peninsula Snaef1b  Snaefellsnes panorama D8C 1273a  Fishing village D8C 1274b  Village house D8C 1281d  Seaside cottage D8C 1302f  Snaefellsnes homes
D8C 1307g  Rock bridge D8C 1309h  Southern peninsula shoreline D8C 1367k  Djupalonssandur - Snaefellsnes D8C 1371oa  "Journey to the Center of the Earth" beginning D8C 1377a  Shipwreck debris D8C 1379db  Beachfront
D8C 1384b  More ship debris D8C 1386hc  Glacier and beach D8C 1409dd  Beach D8C 1412gc  Beach and glacier D8C 1428f  Black "sand" beach D8C 1431g  Beach
D8C 1437h  Coastline SnaefBeach  Beach panorama D8C 1460a  Beach and sheep D8C 1473b  Grazing sheep D8C 1475c  Coastline D8C 1482d  Roadside
D8C 1497e  Stykkisholmur - northern peninsula D8C 1509f  Stykkisholmur lighthouse and harbor D8C 1516g  Central Reykjavik D8C 1520h  Dinner for four D8C 1524i  Steaming mussels D8C 1527j  Shrimp tempura
D8C 1530k  Lamb for dinner D8C 1534l  Salad D8C 1535m  Bathroom excuses D8C 1536n  Bathroom in Marina hotel room D8C 1539o  Iceland's ski resort D8C 1542p  Greenhouses
D8C 1549a  Sunset D8C 1563b  Waterfall number one D8C 1575c  Waterfall D8C 1579d  Waterfall D8C 1586f  Waterfall D8C 1592g  Adjacent falls
D8C 1595h  Base of falls D8C 1597i  Waterfall D8C 1606j  Neighboring falls D8C 1616k  Roadside, South Coast D8C 1618l  South Coast ranch D8C 1622m  Farm at base of glacier, South coast
D8C 1633o  South coast homes D8C 1636p  South coast glacier D8C 1637q  Sod house D8C 1645r  Skogafoss, South coast D8C 1659s  Skogafoss D8C 1660t  Rene and Allan
D8C 1663u  Lou and Rene at Skogafoss D8C 1670v  Ranch east of falls D8C 1675x  Ranch D8C 1695y  Roadside sights D8C 1710z  Ready for Glacial Lagoon ride D8C 1712ba  Lou and Rene
D8C 1717a  Glacial Lagoon D8C 1726b  Icebergs in lagoon D8C 1742c  Kissing ice floes D8C 1740  Blue ice in the lagoon D8C 1746d  Ice formations D8C 1748e  In the glacial lagoon
D8C 1766f  Sunset on lagoon D8C 1772g  Sunset on lagoon D8C 1774h  Icebergs D8C 1776i  Glacial lagoon D8C 1781j  More ice formations D8C 1797aka  Glacial lagoon
D8C 1798l  Glacial lagoon GlacialLagoon1  Glacial lagoon - panorama D8C 1817b  Lou at Glacial lagoon GlacialLagoon2  Panorama NationalPark1a  National Park D8C 1844a  Troll in store
D8C 1851b  A and E D8C 1859c  On Golden Circle route D8C 1862d  Geothermal spout D8C 1866e  At Friedheim tomato farm D8C 1876f  Geothermal controls D8C 1879g  Tomatoes growing
D8C 1883h  Serving wench D8C 1885i  A very fresh bloody Mary D8C 1888j  Lunch at the farm D8C 1891k  Having lunch D8C 1899l  Iceland horses D8C 1903m  At Gullfoss
D8C 1905a  Gullfoss waterfalls D8C 1911b  Falls D8C 1917c  Falls D8C 1918d  Falls D8C 1919  Gullfoss falls D8C 1923e  All four of us
D8C 1927f  Falls D8C 1929g  Falls with rainbow D8C 1933a  View of lower falls D8C 1938h  Falls D8C 1941i  Lower falls D8C 1949j  Base of falls
D8C 1955k  Falls D8C 1966m  View from lower falls D8C 1973o  At the falls D8C 1981a  Map of geysirs D8C 1987b  Strokkur geysir D8C 1994  "Blue bubble" - geysir getting ready to erupt
D8C 1995  Larger bubble D8C 1996  Eruption D8C 2000c  Viking girls D8C 2002d  On the farm, Golden Circle D8C 2005e  The dining room D8C 2008f  The cows' dining room
D8C 2017h  Very fresh ice cream D8C 2019i  Dinner at Lindin D8C 2029j  Old ship in Reykjavik D8C 2030k  Old ship D8C 2031l  Reykjavik harbor D8C 2037m  Viking ship
D8C 2047n  Statue at Radhaus