October, 2013
D8C 9750  Lodi garden temple LodiGardens  Lodi Gardens panorama D8C 9783  In Lodi Gardens D8C 9826  Doorman, Oberoi Delhi RedFort  Red fort, Delhi D8C 9874  Humayum tomb, Delhi
Humayum  Humayum tomb - panorama D8C 9939  Mosque pillars D8C 0207a  Delhi motorcycle parking D8C 9971  Delhi street scene D8C 0014c  Sikh temple pool, Delhi D8C 0014cc  Sikh bathing at temple
D8C 0021f  Sikh lifeguards D8C 0049h  Less than a horsepower D8C 0072b  Mosque at Qutab Minar Mosque  Mosque, Delhi - panorama D8C 0075c  Delhi housing D8C 0085e  Mosque scene
D8C 0087f  Hanging out at the mosque D8C 0113a  Delhi market D8C 0168k  Delhi market - Chandri Chowk D8C 0143d  Woman in bushes D8C 0228c  Meditating Buddha D8C 0235d  Temple at Sarnath
D8C 0337k  Nighttime cremations, Varanasi D8C 0335j  Cremation sites D8C 0388p  Evening Hindu rituals at Ganges DSC 0857VaranasinightGanges05  Evening rituals at Ganges, Varanasi (video) D8C 0411c  Holy man, Varanasi D8C 0412d  Varanasi street at night
D8C 0484new  Varanasi, Ganges sunrise D8C 0490  Sunrise on the Ganges D8C 0493  Varanasi ghats D8C 0514  Varanasi, Ganges banks D8C 0547  Cremation, Varanasi D8C 0549  Cremation
D8C 0564  Varanasi D8C 0579  Wood supply for cremations D8C 0569  Varanasi river bank D8C 0570  Ghat on Ganges, Varanasi D8C 0609  Holy man at Ganges in morning D8C 0614  Morning in the Ganges
D8C 0629  Holy man at Ganges D8C 0655  Hindu funeral procession D8C 0719  Muslim funeral, Varanasi D8C 0680  School bus, Varanasi style D8C 0789  Kajuraho temples D8C 0805  Kajuraho temple
D8C 0859  Kajuraho temple D8C 0867  Jain temple, Kajuraho D8C 0968  Waterfalls, Raneh National Park D8C 0972  Village woman, near Kajuraho D8C 0974  Woman baking bread D8C 1001  Village street scene
D8C 1003  Really bad hair day! D8C 1009  Village woman carrying water D8C 1012  Loading up at the well D8C 1045  The local milk man D8C 1051  Scenic waterside homes D8C 1053  Village hut
D8C 1055  Oxcart 1 D8C 1056  Oxcart 2 D8C 1062  Oxcart 3 - with cell phone! D8C 0931  Oxcart 4 D8C 1076  Orcha palace D8C 1118  Elephant made of women, Orcha
D8C 1124  Orcha, Queen's palace D8C 1283  Agra, the Taj Mahal D8C 1299  Taj Mahal reflecting pool D8C 1308  Taj dome and tower D8C 1167  View from our room! D8C 1204  View of Taj from Shah Jihan's prison
D8C 1214  The Shah's prison D8C 1254  Room with a view D8C 1279  First glimpse of the Taj Mahal D8C 1300  Taj Mahal reflecting pool D8C 1305  Mosque at Taj Mahal D8C 1316  Interior of mosque
D8C 1321  Mosque interior D8C 1351  Taj Mahal grounds D8C 1374  The Taj Mahal D8C 1376  Taj Mahal D8C 1394  Courtyard of Taj Mahal D8C 1396  Taj Mahal tower
D8C 1400  Interior of Taj Mahal D8C 1407  Taj Mahal at sunrise D8C 1424  Taj Mahal D8C 1447  Monkey in Agra D8C 1463  From our balcony D8C 1513  Fatehpur Sikri - "Akbar's Folly" gate
D8C 1531  Lunch room on road D8C 1537  Our humble tent in Ranthambore D8C 1565  Cobwebs in trees, Ranthambore D8C 1585  Wild boar D8C 1597  Gullwing, Ranthambore D8C 1557  Indian gazelle
D8C 1598  Indian eagle D8C 1606  Roadside outside Ranthambore D8C 1640  Lakshmi and Mala D8C 1644  Lunchtime musician D8C 1653  Mother and child D8C 1680  Spotted deer fighting
D8C 1681  Sunset in Ranthambore D8C 1684  On the road again D8C 1686  Owl in tree D8C 1688  Road in Ranthambore NP D8C 1723  Road repair gang D8C 1725  Road repair gang
D8C 1727  Inside the park D8C 1732  Schoolgirls D8C 1733  Full load D8C 1735  Family on motorcycle D8C 1775  Palace of the Winds, Jaipur D8C 1811  Snake charmer, Jaipur
D8C 1816snake02  Snake charmer, Jaipur (video) AmberFort  The Amber Fort, Jaipur D8C 1822  Amber fort D8C 1841  Gardens from fort D8C 1859  Courtyard, Amber fort D8C 1861  Amber fort and wall
D8C 1868  Reception hall, Amber fort D8C 1871  Amber fort and wall D8C 1875  The way up! D8C 1893  Hall of mirrors D8C 1894  Lou in hall of mirrors D8C 1904  Amber fort courtyard
D8C 1915  In the old harem D8C 1945  Amber fort courtyard D8C 1959  The Maharajah's balcony Udaipur  Courtyard of Amber fort D8C 2035  Dock for Taj Lake Palace Hotel, Udaipur D8C 2011  Udaipur palace from hotel
D8C 2258  Palace at sunset D8C 2058  Udaipur from hotel D8C 2090  Jag Mandir palace on lake D8C 2108  Udaipur at sunset D8C 2114  Yoga class at hotel D8C 2142  Udaipur palace
D8C 2144  Udaipur palace courtyard D8C 2152  Interior courtyard in Udaipur D8C 2157  Temple in Udaipur D8C 2158  Temple view, Udaipur D8C 2162  Temple D8C 2167  View from temple
D8C 2168  Carvings on pillar D8C 2176  Hindu worshiper D8C 2180  Temple offerings for sale D8C 2181  Old man on temple steps D8C 2182  Temple view D8C 2183  Beggars on steps
D8C 2209  View of Udaipur D8C 2213  Taj Lake Palace Hotel DSC 0959  Hotel at night D8C 2222  Palace courtyard, Udaipur D8C 2228  Wall paintings D8C 2243  Wall paintings
D8C 2244  Fountain, Udaipur UdaipurPanorama  Fountain panorama D8C 2257  Fountain, Udaipur D8C 2274  Laundry, Mumbai D8C 2276  Laundry, Mumbai D8C 2283  Banana vendor
D8C 2287  Street people, Mumbai D8C 2290  "Billion dollar house" D8C 2297  Gandhi's letter to Hitler D8C 2305  Chowpatti beach D8C 2310  Victoria train station D8C 2315  Victoria Terminus
VictoriaTerminusa  Panorama of Victoria station D8C 2332  Victoria station D8C 2334  Detail of station D8C 2341  Cricket on the lawn D8C 2365  Taj Mahal Palace Hotel D8C 2379  Hotel and India Gateway
D8C 2405  Cave temple, Elephanta Island D8C 2410  Three faces of Shiva D8C 2424  Monkey on Elephanta Island D8C 2433  Scary sign D8C 2441  Shuttle to Elephanta Island D8C 2457  Magen David synagogue, Mumbai
D8C 2458  Decorated truck, Mumbai D8C 2463  Spice "factory", Mumbai D8C 2475  Preparing the spices D8C 2478  The spice market D8C 2486  Apartment building, Mumbai D8C 2490  Apartment building, Mumbai
D8C 2493  Crawford Market, Mumbai D8C 2497  Crawford Market D8C 2521  "Lunchbox boys", Mumbai D8C 2526  Lunchbox carriers D8C 2535  On his break D8C 2538  Chowpatti Beach, Mumbai
D8C 2558  Temple, Mumbai D8C 2559  Temple, Mumbai D8C 2566  Temple interior D8C 2572  Offerings at temple D8C 2578  Apartments near temple D8C 2579  Offerings for sale at temple
D8C 2582  Jain holy man D8C 2583  Jain temple D8C 2586  Jain temple entrance D8C 2587  Jain holy man D8C 2594  Interior of Jain temple, Mumbai D8C 2615  Another laundry, Mumbai
D8C 2625  Laundry D8C 2630  Slum at laundry D8C 2650  Homes at edge of water D8C 2651  Local fishermen D8C 2658  Fisherman village D8C 2661  Fish drying
DSC 1039  Marine Drive at night - Mumbai D8C 2668  Taj Mehal Palace Hotel, Mumbai