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prialto  Rialto Bridge, Venice smariasalude  Santa Maria de la Salude, Venice smariasalude2  Santa Maria de la Salude, Venice gondolas2  Gondolas, Venice gondolas  Gondolas, Venice gondolier  Gondolier, Venice
grandcanal2  Grand Canal, Venice grandcanal  Grand Canal grandcanal3  St. Mark's square, Venice bofsighs  Bridge of sighs, Venice alley  Venice canal canal2  Canal, Venice
suncanalb  Canal, Venice duomo  The Duomo, Florence duomodome  Duomo, Florence duomorain  Duomo piazza, Florence duomoview  The Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio, from Pitti Palace doorway  Florence doorway
uffiziview  View from Uffizi, Florence pvecchio  Ponte Vecchio, Florence pvecchio2ba  Ponte Vecchio, Florence fiesole  Fiesole monkcell  Monk's cell, Fiesole Julietbalcony  Juliet's balcony, Verona
padua2 2557a  View of Padua siena  Siena cathedral siena2  Siena siena3 2563  View of Siena vineyard1  Vineyards, Tuscany vineyard2  Vineyards, Tuscany
vineyard3  Vineyards, Tuscany sgimignano  San Gimignano pisa  Pisa collonade.jpg  Bernini's collonade, The Vatican, Rome tiberb  Tiber River and St. Peter's stpeterlight  St. Peter's basilica
priest  Priest in St. Peter's courtyard Lake Como view  Lake Como lakecomoa  Lake Como Tremezzo  Tremezzo bellagio  Bellagio, Lake Como lascala  La Scala, Milan
Milancathroof  Roof of Milan cathedral Milancourtyard  Piazza, Milan cathedral Milansquare  Piazza, Milan cathedral baynaples  Bay of Naples sorrento  Alley, Sorrento sorrento2  Sorrento
pompeii  Pompeii vesuvius  Mt. Vesuvius Amalfi (2) amalfi  Amalfi amalficoast  Amalfi coast Positano
positano2  Positano ravello  Ravello agrigento1  Agrigento, Sicily agrigento2  Agrigento agrigento3  Agrigento agrigento4  Agrigento, sunset
cefalu  Cefalu, Sicily nsicily  Northern Sicily Siracusa street  Siracusa street Siracusa  Siracusa waterfront taormina  Amphitheatre, Taormina, Sicily taorminaalley  Taormina alley
taorminastreet  Taormina street D8C 3669a  Approaching Venice from the air D8C 3670b  Near Venice GrandCanalview  The view from our room D8C 4361  Our hotel in Venice D8C 3706d  The Grand Canal
D8C 3712e  Venice shop D8C 3720f  Venice market D8C 3728a  Ambulance, Venetian style D8C 3731b  Produce market, Venice D8C 3737c  Loggia at Christmas D8C 3740d  Rialto Bridge, Venice
D8C 3741e  The Grand Canal D8C 3748f  Grand Canal from Rialto bridge D8C 3762h  Rialto bridge and canal D8C 3775b  Grand Canal D8C 3780c  Canal view D8C 3786d  Gondoliers in canal
D8C 3788e  Gondoliers D8C 3796g  St. Mark's basilica D8C 3812h  Piazza San Marco D8C 3819i  Bridge at San Marco D8C 3822j  Bridge of sighs D8C 3828l  Santa Maria dela Salude church
D8C 3834m  Parked gondolas D8C 3847n  Bottom of Rialto bridge D8C 3851o  Grand Canal at dusk D8C 3857a  Evening on the Grand Canal D8C 3864b  Rialto bridge at night D8C 3868d  Grand Canal near Rialto bridge
D8C 3872e  View from Rialto bridge D8C 3885f  View fromn Rialto bridge D8C 3889g  Base of Rialto bridge D8C 3892h  Rialto Bridge D8C 3898i  Lobby of hotel - San Cassiano de Ca' Favretto D8C 3917j  Morning market
D8C 3932k  Interior of San Marco basilica D8C 3937m  Doges' palace and Piazza San Marco D8C 3939n  Piazza San Marco D8C 3941o  View from Campanile, San Marco D8C 3947p  Venice from top of Campanile D8C 3957a  San Marco gondola stop
D8C 3960b  Santa Maria dela Salude from Campanile D8C 3962c  Piazza San Marco - aerial view D8C 3973d  Courtyard of Doges' palace D8C 3978e  "Giant Stairs" - Doges' Palace D8C 3988f  Hercules - "playing baseball" D8C 3989g  Doges' Palace courtyard
DogesPalace  Panorama of Doges' Palace D8C 4014i  View from Bridge of Sighs D8C 4019j  From Bridge of Sighs D8C 4034k  San Giorgio from Palace D8C 4035l  Bridge of sighs D8C 4046n  Santa Maria dela Salude
D8C 4052o  Gondola parking lot D8C 4065p  Grand Canal, Murano D8C 4079a  Twisted lampost, Murano D8C 4090b  Grand Canal, Murano D8C 4094c  Sunset, Murano D8C 4102d  Glass shop, Murano
D8C 4103e  Glass animals, Murano D8C 4115f  Murano glassblower D8C 4146h  Sunset over Cemetery Island from Murano D8C 4162j  Night view, Santa Maria D8C 4171k  Arcade in Piazza San Marco D8C 4177l  Piazza San Marco at night
D8C 4185m  St. Mark's basilica - nighttime D8C 4191n  Pasta pornovese D8C 4197o  Morning view from room D8C 4208p  Case d' Oro from room D8C 4219a  Grand Canal from train station D8C 4242b  Main Piazza, Verona
D8C 4246c  View from Roman theater, Verona D8C 4253d  Main piazza, Verona D8C 4265e  Street performers, Verona D8C 4284f  Juliet's house and balcony D8C 4290g  Piazza de Erbe, Verona D8C 4299i  Verona roof line
D8C 4310j  Verona sunset D8C 4323k  Casino in Venice D8C 4334m  Working lady D8C 4338n  Venice laundry D8C 4347o  German Synagogue, Venice ghetto D8C 4358p  Canal near Venetian ghetto
D8C 4372b  Gondolier on Grand Canal D8C 4388d  Grand Canal D8C 4390e  Houses on Grand Canal D8C 4403f  View from Santa Maria dela Salude SMariadelSaludea (Copy)  Santa Maria church D8C 4406g  Closeup of "ruggalah" on church
D8C 4417h  Rialto bridge from vaporetto D8C 4424i  Gondoliers D8C 4438l  Burano houses D8C 4447n  Burano canal D8C 4455o  Burano D8C 4456p  Burano side street
D8C 4465a  Grand canal D8C 4472b  Vaporetto ropes D8C 4488c  Shop in Florence D8C 4495f  Duomo, baptistery, and bell tower - Florence D8C 4500g  Duomo D8C 4506h  Duomo and Giotto's bell tower
D8C 4508i  Alex's shot of bell tower D8C 4519  Ghiberti's head shot D8C 4532l  Dome inside Duomo, Florence D8C 4535  Sunset on Duomo D8C 4543n  Piazza de la Signoria with Neptune fountain D8C 4546  Detail of fountain
D8C 4549p  Neptune D8C 4550q  Hercules statue outside Palazzo Vecchio D8C 4551r  Perseus with head of Medusa D8C 4553s  Closeup of Perseus and head D8C 4581t  Holiday shopping on the Ponte Vecchio D8C 4583  Ponte Vecchio and Arno at night
D8C 4591v  Pallazo Vecchio and Neptune fountain at night D8C 4602w  Palazzo Vecchio D8C 4605x  Sunrise on Palazzo Vecchio from bell tower D8C 4646b  View of Duomo and synagogue from bell tower D8C 4647c  Top of Duomo dome D8C 4649d  Palazzo Vecchio at sunrise
D8C 4654e  Palazzo and Piazza from bell tower D8C 4661f  View of Duomo from tower D8C 4662g  Duomo and Synagogue D8C 4672i  Duomo dome from inside bell tower D8C 4692j  Detail of Duomo D8C 4696k  Synagogue of Florence
D8C 4708l  Santa Croce church D8C 4726m  Ponte Vecchio D8C 4732n  View of Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio from Boboli Gardens D8C 4768o  Duomo and bell tower D8C 4830  New Year's Eve in the Piazza de Signoria D8C 4856  Pisa
D8C 4884b  Duomo and tower PisaDuomo  Baptistery, duomo, and leaning tower - Pisa D8C 4930  View of Arno in Pisa DSCN1001  Lotsa gelato! D8C 4943d  Michelangelo's David, Accademia, Florence D8C 4947e  The Holy Family
D8C 4978  Perseus and head of Medusa D8C 4979  Lion in loggia, Piazza de Signoria D8C 4991  Leonardo texting D8C 5010l  Arno and Ponte Vecchio D8C 5017m  Sculler under Ponte Vecchio UffiziView2  View of Palazzo Vecchio from roof of Uffizi
D8C 5032n  View of Arno and Ponte Vecchio from Uffizi