Reading, PA - 2005
Ida/Paul Goldberg - Bertha's parents Kozloff and son - just off the boat "Pop" Louis Kozloff Pop and ?brother Pop, brothers, and father Cousins - ca. 1920's
Louis, Bertha, and kids Koz ball Ventnor beach house Ventnor house - then and now At Ventnor - 1937 and 2010 Bertha and Lou
Eight of nine Seven of nine Tillie/Rachel/Dora/Ella/Mlshke - the Tantes Henry, Eleanore, and Lou Kozzes and Schneiders Sam and Marian
Family picnic - 1950's The Aunts Chairmen of the board Seder - 1950's Family - ca. 1977 Kozfest 1980
Kozfest ca. 1990 Kozfest 2000 Multiple Lou Kozloffs Lou, Lou, Lou later Lou and Sue Lynne
Ted Zena Kozfest 2005 Original cousins "The Outlaws" Cousins' kids
Penn people Hayride at Kozfest cousins kozfest90s