Baja Lagoons

Baja whale trip - March, 2017
Kevin Mexicali welcoming committee Jumbo jet Baja wind farm Leaving San Diego Baja roads
Beautiful downtown Mexicali Upper Baja Baja delta San Felipe Near San Felipe Baja
No texting while flying! Bahia de Los Angeles Rafa Pelicans and cormorants Fin whale On the way to Las Animas
Las Animas sunrise Las Animas Las Animas panorama Main yurt Our yurt Las Animas campsite
Shower Home sweet home Mike at yurt Lou and whale ribs Mike and ribs Whale mandible
Whale vertebra Whale spine First meal Dinnertime Rocky and Toby Mike and Toby
Night sky Night sky Moon over Las Animas Moonrise, Las Animas Sunrise from yurt Sunrise
Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise panorama Campsite Desert morning
Cardon cactus Moon, cactus, vulture Vulture on cactus Near camp Vulture Moon on cactus
Camp in morning Moon over campsite Desert Desert Desert flowers Desert scene
Near mangroves Island Crab Mangroves Pelican casualty Mangroves
Crab migration Crabs Near mangroves Near mangroves Coyotes Edge of mangroves panorama
Panorama Desert Desert Near campsite View of Las Animas Islands near camp
Osprey island Approach to Las Animas Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins
Dolphins Pelicans Mike Lou prior to sea lion swim Sea lions Sea lion
Sea lions Hangin' on the rocks Sea lions Just relaxing Doing backstroke Sea lion frenzy
Sea lions Sea lion diving Sea lions Diving sea lion Osprey island Osprey in flight
Lou's first catch Dinner tonight Rafa Rafa Sunset Future ceviche
The whole gang Edge of coast near Las Animas Central Baja desert Blooming desert Blooming desert All except Mike and Grant
Cactus Old Man cactus Cactus Cactus "Whalecome" sign Whale calf
Deb petting whale Close approach Mom whale Mom and calf Mike and whale Mike and calf
Calf at boatside Calf Calf Calf snuggling mom Whale petting Casa Laguna, Guerrero Negro
Salt mine Out to Guerrero Negro Osprey Osprey Osprey Sea lions on buoy
Sea lions Sea lions Sea lions Whale calf Whale calf Whale at side of boat
Diving whale Diving whale Breeching whale Breeching whale End of breech End of breech
Diving whale Whale fluke Whale fluke Spy hopping Spy hopping Spy hopping
Spy hopping Spy hopping Back into the water Whale petting Whale calf Close encounter
Steve and calf Lou petting whale Coming to play Nose up Charlotte and whale Osprey couple
Osprey Breeching whale Breeching Breeching "Pink whale" Pink whale
Charlotte, Deb at skeleton Mom and calf Close approach Charlotte and whale Blow holes LKpetwhale
Sea lions Sea lions Secure sea lion Sea lions Kissing sea lions Salt mine
Salt mine Back to San Diego Plane maintenance Aerial view of lagoons Lagoons Embarkation point from air
Ride home Coastline Desert At Brown field Showing off our shirts Lou in plane
Lou's plane De Plane