From 1967-2014
K027 (4)a  One man band, Merida - 1981 D8C 3227  Iguana, Puerto Vallarta dock D8C 3239  Whale, Puerto Vallarta - 2013 D8C 3299  Whale D8C 3323  Blue footed booby - PV 2013 D8C 3343  Blue footed booby
D8C 3410a  Aztec fliers, Puerto Vallarta D8C 3413b  Aztec fliers D8C 3461c  Downtown disco rooftop D8C 3467d  Puerto Vallarta cathedral D8C 3472  Cathedral D8C 3477e  Statue on Malecon, PV
D8C 3491  Cathedral plaza D8C 3495f  Festival of Guadelupe D8C 3546  Cathedral tower DSCN0911g  Puerto Vallarta sunset D8C 2614a  Sunset D8C 2638b  Newborn tortuga
D8C 2663c  Turtle race to sea DSCN1206a  Beach hat vendor DSCN1210a  Our backyard DSCN1215f  Beach rides D8C 2688e  Iguana at port D8C 2700f  Iguana
D8C 2710a  "Don't piss on the pasta" D8C 2730a  Pelican and iguana friends D8C 2735d  Iguana in tree D8C 2754h  Pelican D8C 2756i  Bert and Ernie D8C 2780j  Dolphins
D8C 2793k  Dolphin D8C 2829b  Oscar, the whale whisperer D8C 2848m  Humpback pectoral fin D8C 2850n  Humpback spouting D8C 2885t  Two humpbacks D8C 2886u  Two humpbacks
D8C 2897c  Humpback D8C 2904d  Humpback D8C 2910f  Whale D8C 2913a  Whale tail D8C 2917b  Whale fluke D8C 2937g  Whale diving
D8C 2964i  Whale breeching D8C 2973m  Whale "posting" D8C 2979o  Whales D8C 2996a  Approaching whale D8C 3006p  Whale breeching D8C 3009r  Whale
D8C 3025x  Blue footed boobies D8C 3026a  Boobies taking off D8C 3037d  Papa iguana D8C 3041f  Iguana D8C 3067c  Hungry cow D8C 3080  Diving pelican
D8C 3081  Pelican catching a fish D8C 3084d  Balloon vendor, Puerto Vallarta D8C 3089e  Cathedral tower D8C 3096a  Festival of the Virgin of Guadelupe, Puerto Vallarta D8C 3099b  Festival parade D8C 3102c  Parade
D8C 3108d  Marchers D8C 3111a  Parade participant D8C 3114a  Nut vendors D8C 3115b  Puerto Vallarta bake sale D8C 3117c  Boot shine D8C 3121d  More bake sale
D8C 3122e  Cathedral plaza D8C 3172b  Diving pelicans D8C 3173c  Diving pelicans D8C 3178d  Puerto Vallarta sunset D8C 3182e  Sunset D8C 3192a  Dinner in Zona Romantica
D8C 3194a  Puerto Vallarta dinner D8C 3203b  Old Puerto Vallarta D8C 3205a  Moonlight cruise D8C 3207c  Downtown Puerto Vallarta D8C 3208d  Food vendor DSCN1301a  Clowns for parade
DSCN1302b  Kid clowns DSCN1357c  Parade dancers DSCN1367d  Dragon sculpture DSCN1369f  Holy trinity in plane DSCN1389g  Shrimp for dinner DSCN1273a  Puerto Vallarta Restaurant
Panorama 1a (Custom) D8C 0001a D8C 0014d D8C 0017e D8C 0030g D8C 0035h
D8C 0039j D8C 0054k D8C 0079m D8C 9737c D8C 9738c D8C 9751a
D8C 9772h D8C 9775i D8C 9780j D8C 9784la2 D8C 9804oc D8C 9821a
D8C 9825ba D8C 9831e D8C 9832f D8C 9847ja D8C 9873p D8C 9876ra
D8C 9882s D8C 9894a D8C 9906c D8C 9907d D8C 9909ef D8C 9912f
D8C 9940aa D8C 9928kh D8C 9929iguanas D8C 9935ajb D8C 9948e D8C 9950f2b
IMG 2044a IMG 2047b