New Mexico - October, 2015

Santa Fe and the Albuquerque balloon fiesta
D8C 7215a  Room at Las Palomas, Santa Fe D8C 7216b  Hanging chilis D8C 7223c  Indian artisans, Santa Fe plaza D8C 7231d  Indian woman saint D8C 7244e  Loretto Church stairway D8C 7259h  Stairway "before"
D8C 7261i  Loretto church D8C 7267k  Santa Fe hotel D8C 7276l  Sculpture, Canyon Road, Santa Fe D8C 7280m  Indian sculpure D8C 7282n  Rhino sculpture D8C 7293p  Girl in inner tube sculpture
D8C 7299r  Metal wolf D8C 7308t  View outside Santa Fe D8C 7317b  One man band, Santa Fe railroad yards D8C 7320c  One man band D8C 7323d  One man band D8C 7334f  Chilis, Santa Fe railroad market
D8C 7345i  Devil's throne, Cerillos D8C 7348j  Cerillos, NM D8C 7351l  Cacti, Cerillos D8C 7355m  Cerillos, NM D8C 7356n  Cerillos, NM D8C 7357o  Cerillos, NM
D8C 7361p  Cerillos, NM D8C 7362q  Cerillos, NM D8C 7366r  Mountains outside Cerillos D8C 7371s  Downtown Cerillos D8C 7379t  Old house, Madrid, NM D8C 7380a  Madrid, NM
D8C 7397b  "Steel forest", Sandia crest, overlooking Albuquerque D8C 7398c  Sandia crest D8C 7404d  Steel forest D8C 7413g  Sandia crest D8C 7415h  Sandia crest D8C 7450k  "Dawn patrol", Albuquerque balloon fiesta
D8C 7451l  Dawn patrol "burns" D8C 7452m  Dawn patrol D8C 7456o  Dawn patrol D8C 7458p  First one off! D8C 7464r  Flagship balloon D8C 7474s  Balloon fiesta
D8C 7480a  Balloon fiesta D8C 7486b  Sandra Lee and Rene D8C 7487c  Balloon fiesta D8C 7493d  Balloon fiesta D8C 7496e  Balloon fiesta D8C 7501f  Balloon fiesta
D8C 7523g  Balloon fiesta D8C 7540h  Balloon fiesta D8C 7541i  Closeup of gondola D8C 7560j  From below D8C 7563k  Balloon fiesta D8C 7571l  Balloon fiesta
D8C 7575m  Lou and Rene D8C 7577n  New Zealand kiwi balloon D8C 7586o  Balloon fiesta D8C 7589p  Balloon fiesta D8C 7591q  Balloon fiesta D8C 7595r  New Zealand kiwi balloon
D8C 7598s  Rene and Sandra Lee D8C 7600t  Lou and Rene D8C 7614a  Balloon fiesta D8C 7615b  Balloons aloft D8C 7622c  Lots of balloons aloft! D8C 7624d  Orca balloon
D8C 7630e  Even more balloons! D8C 7634f  Cow balloon D8C 7638g  Balloon fiesta D8C 7642h  Spiderpig D8C 7643i  Smokey the bear D8C 7644j  Deflating balloon
D8C 7674n  "The lady in the tree" - downtown Albuquerque D8C 7686o  Famous hot dog place in Albuquerque D8C 7688p  Kimo Theatre D8C 7690q  Kimo Theatre D8C 7700r  Karl Prince house D8C 7720sa  Chili peppers for sale
D8C 7732d  Indian woman artisan D8C 7733e  Church, Albuquerque D8C 7736f  Cacti, Albuquerque D8C 7740h  Morning balloons D8C 7743i  Balloon inflating 01 (1)a  Panorama
01 (2)b  Panorama 01 (3)c  Panorama D8C 7747j  Darth Vader and Yoda D8C 7752k  Parrot balloon D8C 7757l  Closeup of gondola D8C 7759m  Darth Vader and Yoda
D8C 7761n  Parrot pirate balloon D8C 7766o  Inflating D8C 7767p  Inflating D8C 7770q  Balloon fiesta D8C 7775a  Balloon fiesta D8C 7776b  Balloon fiesta
D8C 7779c  Balloon fiesta D8C 7784d  Soccer ball balloon D8C 7793e  Taking off D8C 7800f  Lighting up D8C 7802g  Cow balloon D8C 7809h  Balloons launched
D8C 7811i  More balloons D8C 7812j  Large balloons D8C 7814k  Balloons being inflated D8C 7815l  Balloons D8C 7816m  Balloons inflating D8C 7818n  Balloons
D8C 7819o  Balloons D8C 7855p  Balloons D8C 7857q  Balloons D8C 7862r  Airborne D8C 7863s  Launching D8C 7864t  Launching
D8C 7865u  Aloft D8C 7867a  Ready to go D8C 7869b  Nearly launched D8C 7870c  Taking off D8C 7872d  A sky full! D8C 7874e  Balloons
D8C 7880f  Balloons D8C 7881g  Balloons D8C 7888h  "Old Mother Hubbard's shoe" D8C 7891i  Balloon fiesta D8C 7897l  Reflections of balloons D8C 7900m  Sky full of balloons
D8C 7901n  More balloons D8C 7910o  Even more D8C 7911p  Shape balloons inflating D8C 7914q  "When pigs fly" D8C 7915r  Orca and Wizard D8C 7918t  High flier
D8C 7922a  Balloons inflating D8C 7924b  Launching D8C 7925c  Fire hydrand D8C 7932e  Lou and Rene D8C 7938g  Kissing bees D8C 7946j  Bees
D8C 7986b  Bee and friend D8C 7952m  Bees and friends D8C 7942h  Balloon fiesta D8C 7944i  Balloon fiesta D8C 7947k  Balloon air pollution D8C 7948l  Sandia mountains
D8C 7957n  Deflating balloon D8C 7958o  Whale balloon D8C 7964q  Jester landing D8C 7967r  Landing D8C 7972t  Jester reflected D8C 7978u  Jester deflating
D8C 7981w  Jester deflating more D8C 7983a  And more D8C 7988c  Uncle Sam D8C 7989d  Groundhog's view D8C 7993e  Wizard landing D8C 7994f  Wizard deflating
D8C 7996g  Wizard down D8C 7999h  Flying froggie D8C 8000i  Early morning balloons D8C 8006j  Aerobatics D8C 8010k  Aerobatics D8C 8013l  Aerobatics
D8C 8016m  Albuquerque policeman D8C 8025o  Cottonwood tree