Newest Family Photos

Mason's 5th Birthday
LBI - 2013
DSC 0682  At the Nats' game DSC 0684  With Papa at Nats' stadium DSC 0695a  Grandma and the girls D8C 8534A  Eliza's birthday cookies for Henry and Mason D8C 8535B  Alex's cookies D8C 8537aaC  On Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
D8C 8542bD  Walking the Ave D8C 8550E  At Mason's party D8C 8552F  Aven partying D8C 8556G  Fearsome fivesome D8C 8574H  Mason and Aven D8C 8584I  Yucky lizard!
D8C 8585J  Pet the lizard D8C 8587K  Henry and Liz D8C 8589L  Alex and the lizard D8C 8597M  Mason and the rat D8C 8601aN  Alex and Grandma Rene D8C 8604O  Henry's rat time
D8C 8614P  Mason the snakehead D8C 8615  Cool snake D8C 8627  Mason and the tortoise D8C 8628  Alex at Mason's party D8C 8629aA  The parents of the birthday boy D8C 8635  Henry and Eliza with their creations
D8C 8648  Cousins at the birthday table D8C 8654a  The Kozzes D8C 8655a  Alex and Eliza D8C 8668b  Family portrait D8C 8673a  Let her eat cake! D8C 8674a  Not so neatly
D8C 8679  F.O.F. D8C 8695aaA  The Queen Mary 2 D8C 8698  First lacrosse stick D8C 8700  UNC, Class of '33 D8C 8703  Eliza and Aven D8C 8708  Kission accomplished
D8C 8709a  The cousins D8C 8710  Cousins' portrait D8C 9300  136 E. 28th Street, Shipbottom, NJ LBILivingRoom  A living room with a view D8C 8716  Tormenting the Hartmans D8C 8724  Grandma's birthday cake
D8C 8726  Cousins Shana and Clara come to visit D8C 8731  On the couch D8C 8736a  All the girls D8C 8739a  Four out of five grandkids D8C 8743  More couch time D8C 8751a  Eliza fishing
D8C 8754b  Mason netting D8C 8757c  Henry at the fishing spot D8C 8760d  Mason netting some fish D8C 8767  Family golf team D8C 8772  The diggers D8C 8779  The construction team
D8C 8792  Brynn and Alex D8C 8795  The birds that took Alex's lunch D8C 8802  Alex and Eliza D8C 8807  All five cousins D8C 8816  First LBI family portrait, 2013 D8C 8820  Alex pseudo-surfing
D8C 8827  Aven and Mason D8C 8835  Aven and Mason D8C 8839  Alex D8C 8843  Playing bocce on the beach D8C 8847  Dan and Alex D8C 8848  Alli and Brynn
D8C 8849  Mason posing D8C 8850  Brynn at the beach D8C 8853  Laurie beaching D8C 8854  Eliza D8C 8855  Alli and Brynn D8C 8856  Lacrosse ace
D8C 8860  Bocce twins D8C 8866  The cousins D8C 8871  Monte relaxing D8C 8877A  Alli and number 3 D8C 8878  Eliza D8C 8880  Laurie
D8C 8881  Alli D8C 8883  Alex, Brynn, and Alli exiting the beach D8C 8884B  Monte and Alex D8C 8886C  Monte and Eliza D8C 8888  Couch potato team D8C 8906  The famous mermaid table
D8C 8913  Mason and Eliza D8C 8914  Henry and Alex D8C 8922  Monte and Aven D8C 8927  Daddy's girl D8C 8933  The original four D8C 8935  Same four
D8C 8948  At Henry's party D8C 8954  Henry the eighth D8C 8960  Party table D8C 8961  Henry's beach cake D8C 8966  Aven cooling it D8C 8968  Playing with the girls
D8C 8974A  Howard and Mason apres surf D8C 8978B  Helping with the board D8C 8983C  Scooter man D8C 8990  Doing wheelies D8C 8994  Street kid D8C 9003  The diggers
D8C 9007A  Henry airborne D8C 9009B  Mason takes some air D8C 9014  Alex springs eternal D8C 9015  Alex in midflight D8C 9019  Eliza leaping D8C 9027  All four flyers
D8C 9031A  Alex splitting D8C 9036B  Alex airborne D8C 9039C  Eliza in mid-air D8C 9040D  One point landing D8C 9042E  Mason - the joy of flying D8C 9046F  Henry jumping
D8C 9047G  Sandy landing D8C 9052H  Alex leaping D8C 9058I  Oh the sheer joy of it! D8C 9066  Tubers in the "Lazy River" D8C 9069  Tubists D8C 9079  Alex in flight
D8C 9082  Eliza landing D8C 9085  The boy tubers D8C 9089a 1A  Official LBI summer portrait, 2013 D8C 9102a 1B  The Kozzes' portrait D8C 9104bcC  Kozzes, take two D8C 9111cdD  The Manns
D8C 9114  Alex and Eliza D8C 9116  Alex and Eliza, benched D8C 9119  Laurie and her girls D8C 9124E  Monte and Laurie D8C 9125  Shira D8C 9128F  Alex
D8C 9130  Mason on the beach D8C 9136A  Aven getting screened D8C 9140  Lifeguard work D8C 9142  Going for a ride D8C 9166a  Fantasy Island prizes D8C 9172b  Laurie and Aven
D8C 9178  On the rides D8C 9184  Matt in full dudgeon D8C 9191a  What's this down here? D8C 9192bB  Hey, it's my belly button! D8C 9195c  The girls at Fantasy Island D8C 9197d  The girls
D8C 9199e  Practicing splits D8C 9203f  I'm just so limber! D8C 9210g  Yummy shoe D8C 9211h  Delicious D8C 9216i  Aven and Papa D8C 9219  Howard, Alex, Henry
D8C 9221  Matt, Laurie, Eliza D8C 9224  Eliza, Laurie, Matt D8C 9227  Alex and Henry on the ferris wheel D8C 9234  Alex on the ferris wheel D8C 9236  Riding the wheel D8C 9237C  I see them up there
D8C 9242  Matt, Laurie, Eliza D8C 9244  Howard, Alex, Henry D8C 9249  Grandma and Alex D8C 9250  Grandma and Eliza D8C 9252  The girls D8C 9264  Oy vey!
D8C 9266  Shira and Aven D8C 9270a  Shira and Aven D8C 9273b  The Pebbles look D8C 9275cA  Eliza and Aven D8C 9279d  Howard and Shira D8C 9282e  Aven's first ponytail
D8C 9289aB  The Kozzes at the beach D8C 9292  Yo! Look at dis! D8C 9296  Tyler, Cooper, Eliza, and Alex D8C 9304  Brynn's request to (Big) Alex D8C 9305  Rene on the beach D8C 9319  On the way home
D8C 9321  The almost-house next door DSCN0766  Alex and Mike DSCN0767  In the living room DSCN0771A  Tormenting the Hartmans DSCN0778  Traditional Hartman beach sport DSCN0781ba 1A  Alex, Rene, Eliza on the beach
DSCN0786bb  Grandma and Alex DSCN0788c  Eliza, Rene, Alex, Lou DSCN0789d  Alex self-portrait DSCN0802ea  Eliza, Clara, Alex DSCN0857a  Mason and Aven DSCN0874b  Shira and Aven
DSCN0893d  Shira, Laurie, Monte, Barry DSCN0894e  Shira and her boys DSCN0895f  Henry, Shira, Mason DSCN0901g  Lou and Schwester Sue DSCN0902h  Monte, the Prince of Schlep DSCN0803faA  Clara
DSCN0805gaB  Clara DSCN0807hC  Clara DSCN0809iaD  Clara D8C 9616  Buncha cousins D8C 9617  Groovin' in Brooklyn D8C 9640  Henry bowling
D8C 9651  Mason bowling D8C 9654  Henry D8C 9655  Mason D8C 9662  Henry follow through D8C 9672  At Henry's 8th BD party D8C 9673  Cupcake casualty
D8C 9676  The Kozzes at Hen's BD party D8C 9687  Mason D8C 9689a  Henry soccer D8C 9692  Henry D8C 9693  Henry in action D8C 9695  Henry
D8C 9697  Henry D8C 9698  Henry D8C 9703  Henry D8C 9708  Henry D8C 9709  Mason netted D8C 9716  Aven in the tub