Lou and Rene in India and Amsterdam

October, 2013
D8C 9725  Enroute to India! D8C 9745  First meal in Delhi D8C 9895  In Lodi Gardens, Delhi D8C 9897  In the gardens D8C 9948  At Qutab Minar, Delhi
D8C 9949  Qutab Minar D8C 9958  With new friends D8C 0057a  Ready for the mosque D8C 0177m  With Ashnum, Oberoi Delhi D8C 0398a  On the Ganges, Varanasi
D8C 0418g  You are sooo pretty! D8C 0665  Krishna, Varanasi D8C 0669  Having tea in Varanasi D8C 0910  Rene at Temple View Hotel D8C 0865  Jain temple, Kajuraho
D8C 0969  Raneh NP, near Kajuraho D8C 0989  Saint Rene in village D8C 0991  New grandkids D8C 0995  The candy lady D8C 1190  Agra fort
D8C 1226  At the fort, Agra D8C 1287  At the Taj D8C 1413  Taj Mahal D8C 1303 D8C 1365
D8C 1302 D8C 1431  Sanjay, our Agra guide D8C 1526  Lunch stop before Ranthambore D8C 1581  Safari in Ranthambore D8C 1631  Lakshmi and Mala (and Rene)
D8C 1632  Rene with friends D8C 1637  Lou with elephants D8C 1718  On safari, Ranthambore elephant02  On way to Amber fort, Jaipur elephant01  Elephant ride
D8C 1835  Rene and elephant D8C 1848  Lou in Amber fort, Jaipur D8C 1851  Rene in Amber fort D8C 1888  In hall of mirrors, Jaipur D8C 1935  In royal observatory, Jaipur
D8C 1936  In royal observatory D8C 1948  In Palace, Jaipur D8C 1974  Jaipur palace courtyard D8C 2029  On way to hotel, Udaipur D8C 2045  To the Taj Lake Palace Hotel, Udaipur
D8C 2082  Flower girl D8C 2145  Palace in Udaipur D8C 2225  In the palace, Udaipur D8C 2240  With the Maharajah of Udaipur D8C 2259  Rene and our favorite driver, Ashok
D8C 2373  Rene and Yemini, Mumbai D8C 2412  In the cave temples, Elephanta Island, Mumbai D8C 2543  Chowpatti beach, Mumbai D8C 2673  Our room in Mumbai D8C 2674  Oberoi, Mumbai
D8C 2686  Rene and Jon, Amsterdam D8C 2702  Rene and Jon D8C 2716  Lou and Rene, Amsterdam D8C 2844  Rene near the Rijksmuseum D8C 2846  Lou, same place
D8C 2896  Rene at cheese shop, Edam D8C 2898  Rene and Jon in Edam D8C 2908  Lou and Rene and the cheese D8C 2912  Lou and Jon