Panama - December, 2012
Panama City shoreline Shoreline at night Skyline from canal Girls at Panama Canal Skyline On the canal
At the continental divide Bridge of the Americas Canal Menn In the locks Entering the locks Into the locks
Mules Ship in locks Container ship Exiting locks Lunch on the canal Locks filled
Opening the locks Panama City from canal Century bridge Geary museum Boat in canal Panama City skyline
Leaving canal Westin Hotel Westin lobby Westin beach Capabaras Rainforest from Gamboa
Pool girls Cannonballing Sunset in rainforest Capabara No smoking? No kidding! Capuchin monkey
Tall ship in canal Lizard Same lizard Osprey Ship and tug Capabaras
Paya Bonita Hotel Room with a view Moon over Panama Monument Roadside home Roadside scenery
Transportation to village Blue heron Dugout canoe Monte and girls Swimming in waterfall Monte and Alex
In the waterfall Laurie and Alex Laurie and Alex Osprey in flight Embera Indians Indian boy
Embera children Embera girls Downtown Embera village Home sweet home Men's room At the village
Main building Embera kids Embera women Dancing Embera girl Old canoe
Yummy lunch Native feast Tilapia and plantains Embera women The girls View from village
Laundry Embera crafts Stock for bad children Natalie and Barbie Dugouts Embera women
Native pilot Roadside diner Cement factory Cement factory too Land shark Bedroom alfresco
Driftwood F and F Tower Pelicans Gamboa lobby Kayakers Playa Bonita at low tide
Beachcombers Eliza underwater Alex underwater Underwater girls Underwater girls Achilles
On the beach Panama City panorama Panam City skyline