South Africa 2017

South Africa and Victoria Falls - 2017
D8S 1868  Cape Town waterfront and Table Mountain D8S 1886Ba  Waterfront, swinging bridge D8S 1890  Ferry to Robben Island D8S 1960  Mosque, District 6 D8S 1963  Squatter, District 6 D8S 1977  City Hall, Cape Town D8S 2028  Downtown market, Cape Town
D8S 2047  Market D8S 2048  Wedgwood building D8S 2055  Downtown Cape Town D8S 2064  Great Synagogue - Cape Town D8S 2067  Synagogue D8S 2087  Bo Kaap, Cape Town D8S 2088  Bo Kaap
D8S 2123  Bo Kaap and Table Mountain Panorama 1 (Copy)  Bo Kaap Panorama 2 (Copy)  Bo Kaap D8S 2166  Cape Town from Table Mountain D8S 2193  Table Mountain tram D8S 2194  Table Mountain view Panorama 4 (Copy)  Table Mountain panorama
D8S 2260  Atlantic sunset from Camp's Bay, Cape Town D8S 2300  Camp's Bay D8S 2308  Cape Town D8S 2309  Camp's Bay Panorama 6  Hoet Bay D8S 2345  Hoet Bay D8S 2372  Ostrich farm
D8S 2377  Ostrich D8S 2382  Ostrich D8S 2401  Monitor lizard D8S 2412  Ostrich on road D8S 2456  Baboon D8S 2464  Penguin D8S 2467  Penguin colony
D8S 2472  Penguins D8S 2473  Penguins D8S 2486  Penguins brooding D8S 2516  Penguin D8S 2521  Penguin couple D8S 2531  Lunch at Port Elizabeth D8S 2541  Boulder's Beach
D8S 2545  Alex at botanical gardens D8S 2561  Goose and goslings D8S 2567  Guinea fowl CasperClick D8S 2610  Nyala, Honey Guide camp, Kruger, SA D8S 2614  Nyala D8S 2625  Nyala
D8S 2631  Vervet monkey D8S 2636  Nyala D8S 2644  Wart hog D8S 2651  Impala D8S 2655  Impala D8S 2658  Zebra D8S 2671  Bull elephant
D8S 2698  Impalas D8S 2706  Wildebeest D8S 2736  Yawning lioness D8S 2745  Young lion D8S 2790  Grazing zebra D8S 2762a  Bird in tree D8S 2770  Bull elephant
D8S 2785  Female waterbuck D8S 2787  Zebra D8S 2791  Zebra D8S 2804  Wildebeest D8S 2852  Lion pride at waterhole D8S 2868  Drinking mom and cub D8S 2880  Lion at waterhole
D8S 2882  Cub with mom's tail D8S 2891a (Copy) D8S 2886lioncub Panorama 7  Pride at waterhole D8S 2918b  Vultures D8S 2922  Kruger sunset D8S 2941c  Vulture
D8S 2955  Leo and Larry D8S 2981  Two male lions D8S 2988  Two male lions D8S 3006  Larry relaxing D8S 3008  Jackal D8S 3013  Jackal D8S 3015  Wildebeest
D8S 3020  Two warthogs D8S 3025  Warthogs D8S 3030  Rhino D8S 3035  Rhino grazing D8S 3046  Rhino D8S 3050  Rhino D8S 3057  Two rhinos
D8S 3059  Rhino D8S 3065  Impala on road D8S 4367dungbeetle D8S 3073  Impalas D8S 3077  Impalas D8S 3093  Impalas at waterhole D8S 3097  Impalas
D8S 3119  Zebra D8S 3131d  Blue bird D8S 3173  Female leopard in tree D8S 3201a  Leopard D8S 3205b  Leopard D8S 3207c  Leopard D8S 3208  Leopard
D8S 3211e  Leopard D8S 3223  Leopard D8S 3250  Zebras D8S 3252  Zebras D8S 3259  Steenbok D8S 3262  Steenbok D8S 3266a  Bird
D8S 3587  Road in Kruger D8S 3707a  Road and arroyo, Kruger NP D8S 3429  Arroy at roadside D8S 3277  Hippos D8S 3281  Yawning hippo D8S 3283  Yawning hippo D8S 3291  Hippo
D8S 3295  Hippos D8S 3300  Hippos D8S 3318  Hyena D8S 3327  Hyena D8S 3329  Jackal D8S 3351b  Male ostrich D8S 3359c  Male ostrich
D8S 3393  Kruger sunset D8S 3425  Zebras D8S 3431  Herd of cape buffaloes D8S 3437  Cape buffaloes D8S 3441  Cape buffaloes at waterhole D8S 3442  Cape buffaloes D8S 3443  Cape buffaloes
D8S 3443x  Buffalo closeup with friends D8S 3468  Cape buffaloes D8S 3469  Cape buffaloes D8S 3471a  Cape buffaloes D8S 3472  Cape buffaloes D8S 3441b - copy (2)  Buffalo and friends closeup DSCN0652CapeBuffs
D8S 3500  Male waterbuck D8S 3506  Impalas mooning D8S 3513  Wildebeest and calves D8S 3517  Wildebeests D8S 3534a  Two giraffes D8S 3536b  Giraffes D8S 3553c  Giraffe
D8S 3574d  Giraffes D8S 3584  Leopard kill in tree D8S 3597  At our waterhole D8S 3601f  Mom and baby giraffe D8S 3603a  Giraffes D8S 3604b  Giraffes leaving D8S 3617  Hornbill
D8S 3625  Bull elephant D8S 3631  Elephant cooling off D8S 3665a2  Seven-legged elephant D8S 3677  Elephant herd D8S 3697  Elephants D8S 3705  Elephant D8S 3710  Male Waterbuck
D8S 3715  Hyena D8S 3725  Hyena D8S 3727  Hyena D8S 3731  Hyena at waterhole D8S 3739  Hyena D8S 3745c  Giraffe D8S 3755d  Giraffe drinking
D8S 3757  Genu valgus giraffe D8S 3788  Sleeping mom lion D8S 3793  Cub sleeping with mom D8S 3801  Kruger sunset D8S 3802  Leopard in tree D8S 3811  Leopard D8S 3813bf  Leopard
D8S 3818  Leopard at sunset D8S 3818g  Leopard at sunset D8S 3818x2  Leopard in sunset D8S 3840  Kruger sunset D8S 3881  Lion-victim cape buffalo D8S 3884  Male lion D8S 3897  Male lion
D8S 3909  Male lion D8S 3911  Male lion D8S 3922  Male lion D8S 3990  Lion and fresh kill DSCN0700lioneating D8S 3993  Lion dragging buffalo D8S 3999  Lion and buffalo
D8S 4030  Wild dog D8S 4036  Wild dog D8S 4060d  Hornbill D8S 4093bb  Hippo in Zambesi River D8S 4113bc  Hippo D8S 4195be  Victoria Falls Panorama 11  Victoria Falls panorama
Panorama 10  Victoria Falls D8S 4215bf  Victoria Falls D8S 4208VicFalls D8S 4240b  Victoria Falls D8S 4271bh  Victoria Falls D8S 4291c  Victoria Falls D8S 4250VicFalls
D8S 4303d  Victoria Falls D8S 4287b  Devil's Pool, Zambia D8S 4285a  Closeup of Devil's Pool D8S 4290bi  Victoria Falls Panorama 9  Victoria Falls D8S 4328bj  From Zambia to Zimbabwe Panorama 13  Gorges at end of Victoria Falls
D8S 4703gorgeswingplus D8S 4363ba  Dung beetles D8S 4372b  Crococile D8S 4374bc  Crocodile D8S 4381a  Heron D8S 4386  Impala and baboons D8S 4389  Impalas and baboons
D8S 4419b  Kingfisher D8S 4422c  Weaver birds D8S 4429  Baboon D8S 4438bd  Kudu D8S 4453  Kudu D8S 4468  Crocodile D8S 4474b  Giraffe
D8S 4494f  Male and female giraffe D8S 4508g  Giraffe D8S 4511hx  Giraffe closeup with friend D8S 4511h  Giraffe D8S 4533b  Tree in park D8S 4539ba  Spotted eagle D8S 4596be  Vulltures in tree
D8S 4622  Our bathroom D8S 4632  Bushbok D8S 4638  Our tent D8S 4654  Monkey on boardwalk D8S 4658  In the car D8S 4753  Turtle D8S 4761  Riding on mom
D8S 4762  On mom D8S 4763  Baboon family D8S 4765  Baboons D8S 4783e  Kingfisher D8S 4844a  Warthog family D8S 4849b  Warthogs D8S 4851c  Warthogs
DSCN0597  Impala at waterhole DSCN0599  Impalas DSCN0606  Impalas DSCN0618  Hippos DSCN0664  Lone elephant DSCN0690elephantatpool DSCN0685  Donald Trunk
DSCN0693  Donald Trunk at our pool DSCN0709  Two male lions D8S 2963b (Copy) D8S 2966c (Copy) D8S 2968d (Copy) D8S 2987e (Copy) D8S 2991b (Copy)
D8S 2996c (Copy) D8S 3005f (Copy) IMG 5156  Atlantic sunset at Camp's bay IMG 5159  Hoet Bay IMG 5175  Shanties near Capetown airport IMG 5176  Shanties IMG 5179  Shanties
IMG 5204  Our tent in Kruger IMG 5214  Tent in Kruger IMG 5234  The Residence, Johannesburg IMG 5235  Residence bedroom IMG 5236  Residence outdoor shower IMG 5297  Residence interior IMG 5302  Attendant at Rssidence
IMG 5328  Danceres at Joburg airport IMG 5324Wimoweh (1) IMG 5333  View of Zambesi from tent