Special Photo Effects

Posterization, color splash, etc.
Capitol  Capitol at dusk balloonss  Balloons, Kenya Africa (8)  Balloon, Masai Mara, Kenya DSC 0208s  Red peppers freiburgx3c  Freiburg, Germany DSC 0517p  Peppers
duomoview 2975p  Florence Jackson-Jan2010 071p  Jackson Lake, WY : Jackson-Jan2010 Jackson-Jan2010 085p  Frozen lake, Jackson, WY : Jackson-Jan2010 Jackson-Jan2010 178p  Teton Range, WY : Jackson-Jan2010 Jackson-Jan2010 192p  Tetons : Jackson-Jan2010 JHSept2012 (5)  Grazing bison, Yellowstone National Park
JHSept2012 (13)  Aspen grove, Jackson Hole, WY JHSept2012 (14)  Jenny Lake, WY landingballoonp  Deflating balloon, Kenya Lindauxp  Bodensee, Germany miragetigerp  Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas NYCpan  Lower East Side from Brooklyn
NYduskpanp  Lower Manhattan and NY Harbor rightbankpanp  Paris, right bank saqqarap  Saqqara, Egypt taosp  Taos, NM tomatoesp  Tomatoes at country market vineyard3p  Tuscany vineyards
vollendam1xp  Vollendam, Holland wtc2p  WTC, 1996 Alpsp  Southern Alps, New Zealand bryce1p  Bryce Canyon, Utah disneyinteriorp  Disney Center, Los Angeles drakep  Flowers, Drake Hotel, Chicago
DSC 0165p  Alaska Range, Denali National Park DSC 0178p  Lower East Side, NYC NYsunrisepan  Lower East Side DSC 0178pp  Lower East Side, NYC DSC 0180p  Portofino, Italy DSC 0204p  Portofino, Italy
DSC 0208p  Red peppers DSC 0220p  Marzipan in market DSC 0358p  Manarola, Cinque Terra, Italy Zsplash (3)  Bodensee, Germany Zsplash (4)  Bee in garden Zsplash (6)  Rainbow, Iguazu Falls, Brazil
zD8C 6255  Near Jenny Lake zDSC 4217  Living room view, Jackson Hole zJHMar2013 (21)b  Aspens in winter zJHMar2013 (26)  Spring foliage zJHSept2012 (16)  Yellowstone Falls zRed Rocks  Red rocks outside Las Vegas, NV
Freiburgx3  Freiburg, Germany D8C 2180p  Indian women in Jaipur D8C 0609bhdrp  Holy man at Ganges, Varanasi, India - 2013 D8C 0569p  Varanasi, India - 2013 D8C 0570p  Varanasi, India D8C 3227p  Iguana in trees, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2013
D8C 3780cp  Venetian canal, 2013 D8C 4084fp  Murano, Italy - 2013 D8C 4447np  Burano, Italy - 2013 D8C 4447npo2a  Burano - pointillized D8C 5315ap  Backyard, winter 2014 Albuquerque balloon fiesta
Albuquerque balloon fiesta Albuquerque Dupont State Park, NC Polar bear in snow Sunset on Wilshire Boulevard Zsplash (7)  Sikh bathing, New Delhi
Zsplash (8)  Colored Sikh family Zion (4) posterize  Zion National Park GrandCanyon (2)posterize  Grand Canyon Mason  Mason Orchids  Orchids Bee and flower
Two bees in sunflower Butterfly on flower Caterpillar Two butterflies Playa Cativo, Costa Rica Toucan, Costa Rica
Hibiscus, Costa Rica                                       Red eyed frog, Costa Rica Bee on sunflower D8F 1828p  Rose D8S 3818pos  Leoopard in sunset Portugal (1)  Douro Valley, Portugal
Portugal (2)  Oporto, Portugal Antelope Canyon Antelope Canyon Manarola Central Park Eagle in flight
Jackson Hole sunrise Stonehenge Taj Mahal a Taj Mahal b Taj Mahal c Tetons starscape