Photos from various places around the world
Yosetrees  Trees in Yosemite backyard  Our backyard backyard2  Our backyard after blizzard Bellevuestill  Bellevue Hotel, Philadelphia, PA BenBalloons  Ben Franklin, College Hall, University of Pennsylvania bondi1  Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
butterfly1  Butterflies in Rita's yard, Tiburon, CA chicago  Chicago view from Monte and Laurie's apartment chicagoskyline  Millenium Park, Chicago millpark1  Millenium park, Chicago millparkbridge  Geary bridge, Millenium park coons  Raccoons, Everglades, FL
December2009 010  Bambi in our backyard Drakeflowers  Flower arrangement, Drake Hotel, Chicago DSC 0275  Costa Rica dinosaurs Eclipse  Hotel Eclipse, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica elephants1  Julie's elephants, Sri Lanka elephants2  Elephants, Sri Lanka
ellisisland  Ellis Island gator  Everglades gator heron  Egret in Everglades jerusalem  View of Jerusalem ladders2  The famous ladder, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem 1877 and 2000 ladder4 - copy  Ladder +/- 142 years
leafdrops  Rain on birch tree, Allentown, PA lions  Sleeping lions, National Zoo macaws  Macaws, Florida manhattan  Lower Manhattan from Ellis Island Morgstar  The Morganstar NYLionwinter  The lion in winter - NY Public Library
ourcar  Our car in driveway ourstreet  Marcliff Road PhilChurch  Church in City Hall square, Philadelphia PhilCityHall  Philadelphia City Hall PhillyCityHall  Philadelphia City Hall PISA  Pisa. Italy
porpoise  Florida porpoise Pvecchio  Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy SKULLS1  Carnival, Martinique CARNIVAL  Carnival, Martinique Snakex  Rafting on the Hoback with Ed and Lois Snakey  Lou and Ed
Steelpier  Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ Stones2  Rocks in fountain wtc (Large)  WTC from Ellis Island, ca. 1996 hsurfboard 4746  Howard surfing at Bondi Beach, Australia centrtalparksnow  Central Park in snow, NY d8c 4679a  Gorilla thinking
d8c 4704c  Yawning lion, National Zoo d8c 4714da  Alpha lion, National Zoo d8c 4739a  Wolf, National Zoo d8c 4753eb 2059  Panda, National Zoo D8C 4791  The Capitol at dusk dscn4647 2508  Princess Hotel grounds, Bermuda
dscn4650 2502  Bermuda beach dscn4919 2510  Bermuda beach flamingossnow 3811  Flamingoes, wrong place, wrong time ladder4